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What Is This Thing? is a location sharing service that lets you provide your current location to the web sites you trust. It puts you totally in control of who can see where you are. And unlike other "location federation" services, Tralfamadore will never make you register or store your position on our servers. Web sites can only see your location if you "opt-in" to let them.

What Devices Does It Work On?
Right now works on the iPhone, iPhone 3G, and iPod Touch. You must be running firmware 2.0 in order to install the required companion application, Locatable.

How Accurate Of A Location Gets Sent?
The maximum accuracy that can be saved by the Locatable application will vary depending on your device's capabilities. For an iPhone 3G, it can be within meters of your precise position, but of course that varies based on where you are (indoors or outdoors, city or country). In addition, we're working on ways to give you flexibility about the accuracy level for sharing: for example, you might want one site to know your exact position, and another to only know what city you're in. Stay tuned for more.

How Do I Get It?
The beta version of Locatable is available now for jailbroken devices, exclusively via the Cydia installer. Look for it in the Utilities section.

I Don't Have A Jailbroken Phone. Will This Be Available In The AppStore?
We hope so! It's early days now for the beta program, but as soon as we feel like we've hit the major features that users want to see, we'd like to get the word out. If you're interested in being a beta tester for this version, please get in touch.

Do I Have To Sign Up?
No! That would sort of defeat the point of preserving your privacy. The service is completely anonymous.

Is This Free?
Absolutely. The Locatable application and will always be free for your private use.

You're Not Going To Serve Me Ads, Are You?
Nope. is simply a location sharing service. It's up to you to decide who you want to share your location with, so choose wisely. It's possible someone who has location-enabled their service will want to serve you relevant ads based on your location, but because of the way is designed, there will always be an opt-in process so you stay in control.

I Have A Suggestion...
We'd love to hear it! You can reach Tralfamadore headquarters by sending email.

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